Clever Squatter Stakes Claim To Mansion

Thanks to an antiquated law,  a man has moved into a mansion without paying a dime for it, and it's all legal. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A multi-million dollar waterfront mansion would be anyone's dream home, with cathedral ceilings, granite countertops, and stunning views.

The price tag of a particular mansion is $2.5 million, but one guy just walked in and claimed it for free.

23-year-old Andre Barbosa has been living in the mansion for six months. He's not paying a dime in rent or mortgage and it's all perfectly legal.

WPAC reporter, Peter Schaller said, "You have millionaires living on this street, multi-millionaires, affluent people and then this guy who wants to live in a house for free and it’s perfectly legal."

The mansion was foreclosed on last July when the owner couldn’t meet his mortgage payment. That's when Barbosa moved in.

Neighbors called the cops but it turns out he can't be evicted!

Barbosa invoked a little known law dating back to the Wild West called "Adverse Possession."

Janelle Weinstein said, “Adverse possession is when somebody takes over a piece of property or tries to.”

Adverse possession has been tried before.

Kenneth Robinson moved into a $300,000 foreclosed home in Texas and lived there for eight months before he was finally forced out by the Bank of America.

The Bank of America also owns the mansion in Boca Raton and they say there working on kicking Barbosa out.

Bank of America says, "We have filed the appropriate action. The bank is taking this situation seriously and we will work diligently to resolve this matter."

In the meantime, the cheeky squatter has even put up a no trespassing sign.

He calls himself “Loki”, after the Norse God of mischief.