Manti Te'o Spoke To A Woman In Phone Calls, Not A Hoaxster Disguising His Voice

It was reported the voice on the other end of the Manti Te'o phone calls was a man disguising his voice, but experts are countering that claim. INSIDE EDITION has the latest twist in the story.

Another day, another jaw-dropping twist to the Manti Te’o hoax.

Paul Ginsberg, a forensic audio expert who has worked closely with the FBI and the CIA, says that really is a girl's voice on the tape, not a guy's.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd said, "You are convinced that this is the voice of a female and not a male?"

Ginsberg said, "I am."

Boyd replied, "How can you be so certain?"

Ginsberg said, "Well, male and female voices of course, have different ranges, and we can detect the ranges using special forensic software."

He disputes claims that the alleged hoax mastermind was able to fake a girl's voice and fool Te’o in hundreds of phone conversations.

Boyd asked, "You never heard anyone pull off a voice like this? A man pretending to be a woman?"

Ginsberg said, "No."

The New York Post reported, "The real voice" may have been a young woman identified as a 22-year-old cousin of the alleged hoax mastermind.

A family source told the newspaper there's no doubt the woman crying in one voice mail is none other than a woman named Tino Tuiasosopo.

The family source says: "That's the way (Tino) cries when she's feeling sorry for herself. It's her, that's the voice."

The late night comedians jumped all over the Te'o voice mails.

Jay Leno joked, "You know I don't know what Manti's major was in college. I am going to rule out math because he can't put two and two together."