Staying Young At 87 Through Ice Skating

Yvonne Dowlen defies her 87 years, and credits ice skating every day with keeping her young. INSIDE EDITION caught up with the graceful grandmother.

At first glance this woman looks like a typical grandmother knitting a sweater. But you won't believe what this 87-year-old does to stay young.

Yvonne Dowlen ice skates, at 87 years old!
We caught up with Yvonne at the rink in Loveland, Colorado, where she spends two hours a day skating, spinning and even jumping.

Dowlen definitely doesn't look her age. She says skating is what keeps her younger than her 87 years.

"I'm not too old to move and if I don't move, it won't move," said Dowlen.

She started skating when she was 13 years old, and even joined joined the Ice Capades. Her house is filled with trophies and awards.

She still skates competitively and took second place at the Senior Skating Championships last year.

Dowlen usually skates with her daughter, Sherry, who learned her tricks from mom.

"It's so much better seeing her out on the ice than in a wheelchair or something," said Sherry.

And get this—Yvonne actually drives the Zamboni machine.

She won't ever win Olympic gold, but as far as we're concerned, Yvonne is the skater with a heart of gold.