Pizza Hut Commercial Contest Takes Winners To Super Bowl

INSIDE EDITION was there as Pizza Hut picked one of the winners in their Super Bowl commercial contest.

A young girl in a commercial contest entry might make it all the way to the Super Bowl in a Pizza Hut commercial.

INSIDE EDITION was there when a team of executives from Pizza Hut came together to judge the hundreds of entries.

One of them was sent in by Mike Darling with his actor friend, Ben Stewart, as the quarterback. Mike's entry is about players dreaming of pizza during a game.

Some of the entries use kids. And there are four-legged actors where people use their pets. There's even animated slices of pizza on the attack.

"Not only will the winner get $5,000 but your video will air during the Super Bowl," said Darling.

INSIDE EDITION was interviewing Mike Darling when a call came from Pizza Hut. The caller said, "Mike, this is Caroline from Pizza Hut. Guess what? You are a winner!"

Mike and his friend had been considering having a Super Bowl party. Now, it's a sure thing.