Dumped By Snooki

INSIDE EDITION talks to Snooki's ex-boyfriend about what it was like dating Jersey Shore's spitfire reality star.

She's Jersey Shore's spitfire: getting into fights and throwing drinks.
So what's it like to date Snooki?

"Anywhere you go, 'can I please take a picture? Can I get your autograph?'" said Snooki's ex-boyfriend.

Bodybuilder Emilio Masella met Snooki a year ago on Facebook, before she was famous. Back then, she was just a girl named Nicole Polizzi.

"We jumped into it pretty quick," Emilio said.

They dated for two months and broke up just one week ago. And get a load of the way she dumped him.

"I received a voicemail, she said I'm nothing without her,'" Emilio said.  

"She broke up with you by voicemail?" INSIDE EDITION asked.

"Yes, I looked on my Facebook and we were no longer friends, or in a relationship."

Despite the cold way it ended. Emilio says they were in love.

INSIDE EDITION asked Emilio if he really did love Snooki.

"I definitely did. I still do," he said.