Doctor Murdered In His Own Office

A doctor was shot dead in his office and cops say the murder was committed by one of his own patients. INSIDE EDITION reports.

A pioneering doctor is shot dead in his own office and cops said it was a 75-year-old patient who killed him.

Dr. Ron Gilbert, a urologist, was an expert on impotence issues. He even developed a spray-on treatment for men.

In a YouTube video, the 52 year-old California doctor described the research he put into the product, called Promescent.

In the YouTube video, Dr. Gilbert said, "We were looking for something that gave patients better alternatives than what we had previously."

People at a medical building in swanky Newport Beach heard a blaze of gunfire erupt from Dr. Gilbert's office. When cops arrived, they said they found the doctor dead in his own consulting room, with the gunman still standing over him.

Cops say Gilbert was shot "multiple times" in the chest. It was a grim scene as authorities removed the doctor's body from his office.

Gilbert was a father of two, described as a people-person and "the best there is" in his medical field.

The suspected killer is reportedly a retired barber who had been having treatment for prostate problems.