Bikers Shut Down Busy Freeway For Marriage Proposal

Over 300 bikers shut down a busy L.A. freeway to pull of a marriage proposal stunt. Now, they may face criminal charges. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was like a scene from Sons of Anarchy: the image above from a YouTube video shows a pack of more than three hundred born-to-be-wild bikers taking over an L.A. freeway.

They brought afternoon traffic to a complete halt and caused a massive back-up.

One biker gestured to his girlfriend to get off, but then set off a pink smoke bomb.

Thick pink smoke billowed across Interstate 10, a major L.A. freeway, as the biker got down on one knee and proposed.

The din of revving engines and cheering is deafening, but it was clear she said, "Yes!"

There was just enough time for a kiss before the cops arrived, and then the bikers took off again.

The bride and groom-to-be are bikers Hector Martinez and Paige Hernandez, both 24 years-old.

A California highway patrol spokesman says the proposal had "the potential for disaster," and charges may be filed.

The pair talked to an L.A. radio station.  "I had all of my family and her family up on the overpass," said Hector.

The DJ replied, "You are definitely going to jail."

Paige said she was confused at first, but the noise didn't drown out the four important words.

"I heard him. When he got down and asked me, 'Will you marry me?' I heard him," Paige said.

Video of the proposal has gone viral, but now, a judge may be more likely to jail them than to marry them.