Lindsay Lohan Nearly Misses Latest Court Appearance

Lindsay Lohan said she was too sick to appear at her latest court date, but a no-nonsense judge saw to it that Lohan showed up. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

The threat of jail helped Lindsay Lohan make an amazingly fast recovery. 

The troubled star claimed she was "too sick" to make an L.A. court date, but Lohan showed up for court, touching her face as if to check her temperature.

"Glad to see you're feeling better," the judge said.

Her attorney had filed a doctor's note with the court, claiming Lindsay was too sick to be there.

"I had conferred personally with the local doctor," the attorney said. "Her doctor informed me she had an upper respiratory condition."

"Is that like a cold?" the judge asked.

"Yes In New York City, it's the flu," her attorney replied.

The no-nonsense judge was clearly skeptical about the gravity of Lindsay's illness.

"No, it's not in New York City. I still have New Yorker in me. The flu is the flu," she replied.

Perhaps the judge saw the photo of Lindsay looking pretty healthy while out on a shopping spree in New York over the weekend.

Lindsay arrived at court Wednesday with her mom, Dina, and her new attorney, Mark Heller.

The troubled actress, who is on probation, faces charges of reckless driving and lying to a police officer, and could face jail time if convicted.

Lohan has pled not guilty. Her trial is set for March 18th.