Katherine Webb Gets a Tasting Tour, New Orleans Style

Katherine Webb caught up with famed chefs Emeril Lagasse and Sandra Lee for some Super Bowl recipes that are sure to knock your socks off.

Meanwhile, INSIDE EDITION's special Super Bowl correspondent Katherine Webb is gearing up for the big day with famed TV chef Emeril Lagasse. Lagasse showed Webb how to cook up game day food, New Orleans style.

Lagasse recommends Barbecued Shrimp and Seafood Gumbo. Maple Chili-Glazed Chicken and Double-Cut Pork Chops with a Tamarind Glaze.

It's a meal fit for a football player like Katherine Webb's boyfriend, University of Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron.

For dessert, how about a decadent Southern-style Banana Cream Pie. It's a favorite at Lagasse's New Orleans restaurant. And the finishing touch: Caramel Sauce and Shaved Chocolate.

Webb said, "I could eat this every night after dinner for the rest of my life."

She was such a hit, Emeril Lagasse tried to steal her away from INSIDE EDITION, saying, "If this doesn't work out for you, I got a job for you at the restaurant."

Next, Webb was off to the Hyatt where TV chef Sandra Lee was cooking up a savory New Orleans style sub sandwich--a favorite for game day in the Big Easy. Lee said the sub goes great with a spicy Bloody Mary.

And how about a football-shaped Apple Pie to finish it off?