Superman Flies Over California Beach In Model Plane Form

People stopped in their tracks when they saw a flying object that looked just like Superman. Turns out it was a life-size model and INSIDE EDITION tracked down its creator.

Folks in California got a big surprise when they looked up to the sky and saw what appeared to be a real-life Superman flying over a beach.

Now, INSIDE EDITION has tracked down the mystery man behind that amazing creation.

Check out video of the Superman creation in flight!

Otto Dieffenbach is a former Air Force test pilot and lifelong model plane enthusiast.

This was no man of steel. Dieffenbach made his superman from plywood and plastic foam, and flied him by remote control.

Dieffenbach said, "The motor is buried inside the aircraft and the propellor is shrouded by the body. He's decked out completely in the red and blue colors of Superman. He's controlled by his feet. The feet move up and down, and right and left to direct him in the air," said Dieffenbach.

The video of Dieffenbach's ingenius superman went viral with over one million hits.

He said whenever he flies superman in public, he's bombarded with questions by people blown away by how life-like he appears and how well he flies. People tend to ask him, "How long does it take to build, where can I get one? How much do they cost? How long does it take to learn to fly him? Can I put my own picture on him? Can I make one of me?"

His own face is adorned on the the figure of Superman. He has also built a life-size Supergirl who flies just as well as Superman.

He may not be as real as Christopher Reeves in the Superman movies, but Otto Dieffenbach's model superman sure can fly.