Real-Life Barbie And Real-Life Ken Take Doll Comments As Compliments

INSIDE EDITION found the real-life Barbie isn't the only one modeling herself after the famous doll. We also found the real-life Ken.

She's the woman known around the world as the real-life Barbie. A Russian beauty named Valeria Lukyanova.

"Barbie is ideal woman," said Lukyanova.

Like the doll herself, she is ageless, and we mean that, literally. She will not reveal her age. But she will admit to a lifelong obsession with the legendary doll.

"I love Barbie since I'm five," said Lukyanova.

To enhance her Barbie appearance, she wears blue contact lenses over her naturally green eyes. She's had breast implants, but insists the rest of her body is totally natural. She stays in shape with gym workouts, and enhances that Barbie look with makeup and wardrobe.

And it sure does work with the blonde hair, the blue eyes, the pouty lips, the hourglass waist.

Our real-life Barbie is also an opera singer! But to really hit that high note, she needs a partner—a real-life Ken.

And we've found him! His name is Justin Jedlica, and he shares the same traits as the classic Ken doll.

Watch the human Barbie and Ken in action here!

"I think the Ken doll reference is flattering," said Jedlica.

He's got the high cheekbones, the strong chin, the muscular chest, the narrow waist.

And if you think these traits came easily to this 32-year-old New Yorker, guess again. INSIDE EDITION was with him for his 100th cosmetic surgical procedure.

"I've had my nose done five times, cheeks, lips, chin," said Jedlica.

One operation was performed to insert implants to enlarge his deltoid muscles, which means that cosmetic Ken has no real strength, as we found out when we took him to a gym and he couldn't pick up a small barbell. Well, whoever heard of a doll lifting weights?

We're about to introduce the real-life Ken to the real-life Barbie. Will sparks fly when they meet? Stay tuned.