"Eight Is Enough" Star Susan Richardson Living In Trailer

She went from starring in a hit TV series, to living in a small trailer. INSIDE EDITION caught up with Susan Richardson, who is making the best of a hard situation.

From fame and wealth, to living in a broken down trailer. That's the fate of Susan Richardson who starred in the late 70's classic TV show Eight Is Enough.

Susan is now 60 and living in a Pennsylvania camp ground. She  seemed in good cheer at her front door.

"I still look like Susan Bradford, so I get recognized a bit sometimes, but people are not nice. It's like, 'What happened to her?' "

She lives in two packed rooms with a cat and a dog. There's almost no heat. When it gets too cold, the pipes freeze and she's left without running water. She also collects dolls.

"These I got from the trash," said Richardson.

Times have clearly been tough for Richardson. After roles dried up, health issues took their toll. She suffers from diabetes and has had several strokes.

Richardson said, "I have heart stents and I've become very agoraphobic. I'm afraid to go outside and it's really terrible."

She gets by on disability checks. A sad fall for a woman who had such a meteoric rise to stardom.. She was discovered by George Lucas who gave her a part in the classic movie American Graffiti.

On that set she met Ron Howard and got a part on Happy Days. That led to Eight Is Enough.

Richardson told INSIDE EDITION she's not letting her current situation get her down. As a reminder of days as a performer long gone, she keeps a piano in her little trailer.