Beyonce Preps and Security Is Tight For Super Bowl

As Beyoncé rehearses for her halftime show, INSIDE EDITION got a close look at the tight security surrounding the Super Bowl.

The first video of Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime show came straight from Beyonce herself.

The singer just posted a behind-the-scenes video on her website. Titled "Countdown to Touchdown," it shows Beyonce rehearsing for the live halftime show.  

Millions will be watching this Sunday's Super Bowl and CBS Sports, which is televising the game of the year, has built this outdoor set in Jackson Square in the heart of New Orleans.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander spoke to CBS Sports hosts Greg Gumbel and Steve Beuerlein.  Like the rest of the country, they're looking forward to the game and watching Beyonce at halftime.

Meanwhile, security all over New Orleans is extremely tight before the Super Bowl.  

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander got  a behind-the-scenes look as Homeland Security went through a training exercise.

Watch Megan Alexander Talk to Security Experts

Alexander reported, "I'm inside a Blackhawk helicopter where they're ready to react to a security crisis in a matter of seconds."

Heavily-armed members of an elite unit of the Louisiana National Guard can be airlifted at a moment's notice anywhere in New Orleans, should trouble arise.

Alexander asked Thomas Annello, Special Agent with Homeland Security, "How prepared are you?"

"We're very prepared. Our special response teams train year-round and we're ready to respond to any high-risk situation if needed," said Annello.

An armored personel carrier transports an emergency response team, just in case.

Alexander rode along with homeland security on a special practice run. While we watched, the security team practiced entering a building during a hostage situation. 

The entire circumference around the Superdome is patrolled by bomb-sniffing dogs. Every vehicle gets the sniff test.

"Any vehicle coming into the Superdome is going to be checked by dogs," said an agent Katherine Barton.

We accompanied agent Barton and her dog, Madison as they examined planters and trash cans near the Superdome. These dogs and their handlers are making sure that everything remains safe on Super Bowl Sunday.