Dick Van Patten Comes To The Support Of Susan Richardson

INSIDE EDITION talks to Eight Is Enough star Dick Van Patten about his TV child Susan Richardson landing on hard times after their hit show went off the air.

A trailer in the woods is not the home you would expect for someone who starred on one of the biggest TV hits of the seventies.

Susan Richardson was one of the kids on Eight is Enough. Even her neighbors in her Pennsylvania campground didn't know who she was.
Now her TV dad, Dick Van Patten, is hoping to come to her rescue.

Van Patten is now 84 years old. He understands why lots of once-famous young stars end up in trouble.

Van Patten said, "A lot of these kids when the show goes off the air they don't work again. It must confuse them. I was once a big hit, now nobody wants me."

Connie Needham, who played Susan's sister on the show and now owns a dance studio in Orange County, California, couldn't believe it when INSIDE EDITION showed her the video.

Susan Richardson isn't the only Eight is Enough cast member who's faced obstacles. Both Willie Aimes and Adam Rich had well publicized drug problems. In addition, Lani O'Grady, who played Susan's sister, died of a drug overdose in 2001.

Despite her troubles, Susan Richardson had this to say to the fans who still remember her, "It's not going to keep me down, No one's going to be keep me down."