Real-Life Barbie and Ken Face Off Over Who's More Doll-Like

Who looks the most like a real-life doll? INSIDE EDITION brings the real-life Barbie and Ken together for the first time for a human doll face-off.

The woman known as the real-life Barbie generates a lot of excitement as she struts through Times Square in New York.

Russian beauty Valeria Lukyanova bears an amazing resemblance to the legendary Barbie doll. The blonde hair, the blue eyes, the pouty lips, the hourglass waist.

But the question is—will she love the real-life Ken?

Justin Jedlica has undergone a jaw-dropping 100 cosmetic surgeries to perfect the look of the living Ken doll. The high cheekbones, the strong chin, the muscular chest, the narrow waist.

And we wondered, does the real-life Ken have what it takes to sweep the real-life Barbie off her feet?

A formal, awkward handshake made it clear that sparks would not be flying between these two as they both broke out laughing.

"It's nice meeting you, babe," said Jedlica. "She's adorable! She looks like a doll, totally! So petite and tiny!"

That's what Justin had to say. And what did Valeria have to say? She spoke in Russian, and we're pretty sure she wasn't saying, "Marry me, you fool."

But at least he got to fix her hair, and he got a kick out of her footwear.

"I think her shoes are fierce. I love them," said Jedlica. "I guess everybody wants to put us together as Ken and Barbie."

But wait until you hear what they had to say behind each other's backs.

"Much of her look is added makeup, fake hair and slimming corsets," Jedlica is quoted as saying. "Drag queens have put on the same illusions for years."

And Valeria, who admits to having breast implants, fired back, saying, "Justin said bad things about me, but he had more than 90 operations, while I had only one. He would do better not to comment on who is plastic and who is not."

Meanwhile, our failed match-making attempt is generating international headlines.

"Real-Life Barbie Blasts Real-Life Ken After First Meeting," says the Huffington Post.

Real-Life Barbie And Ken Don't Play Nice!

And the London Sun declares: "Barbed and Ken! Human Dolls Go To War!"

So, as the real-life Ken kisses the real-life Barbie on each cheek, it's clear he won't be moving into Barbie's dream house anytime soon.

"I just wish there was a little more we could say to each other," said Jedlica.