Beyonce Silences Critics With Live National Anthem

A live performance of the national anthem put an end to criticism Beyonce has faced since the Presidential Inauguration. INSIDE EDITION reports from New Orleans where the pop diva is in final preparations for the Super Bowl.

What did Beyoncé do right after she sang the national anthem live at her Super Bowl news conference?

She changed into a red dress and walked through the New Orleans convention center, stopping to pose for photos with fans all along the way. At one point, she agreed to pose with one condition—that they make a funny face for the camera. 

Beyoncé was cool as a cucumber after that jaw-dropping performance the whole world is buzzing about where she nailed the song and followed by saying, "Any questions?"

On the Today show, Savannah Guthrie said,, "Way to go Beyoncé! Silencing her critics in three minutes."

Beyoncé may have silenced her critics, but now, a new Super Bowl controversy is brewing over a commerical. 

Super model Bar Refaeli makes out with a computer nerd in an ad for the website

There is the commercial you'll see during the Super Bowl, but another version that's too hot to show was rejected by CBS.

"He's a very, very good kisser," said Rafeeli of her co-star.

On the Today show, Bar Refaeli said she was perfectly ok with the racier version of the ad.  

"If you do something like that, and it's filled with a lot of humor, I say, go all the way," she said.