Kristin Chenoweth Blasts Airline for "Worst Flight Ever"

Kristin Chenoweth let her outrage be known when American Airlines personnel refused allow her dog onboard a flight. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Actress Kristin Chenoweth says American Airlines refused to let her take her beloved Maltese dog, Maddie, on board a flight from Dallas to Los Angeles.

A gate agent allegedly became "verbally abusive," scolding 44-year-old Chenoweth in front of the other passengers. The actress reportedly burst into tears.

Chenoweth later tweeted, "Worst flying experience ever. Abuse not okay. #tripfromhell."

American Airlines later allowed Chenoweth on the flight.

A statement released by American Airlines stated, "We have been in touch with Ms. Chenoweth to offer our apologies for the misunderstanding."