Hits And Misses Of Super Bowl XLVII Ads

INSIDE EDITION looks at the Super Bowl ads that cost a pretty penny to air during the big game, but were all of them worth it?

Everyone's talking about that Godaddy Super Bowl ad featuring super model Bar Refaeli kissing a computer geek.

INSIDE EDITION’s Paul Boyd sat down with Jesse Heiman, the so-called "nerd" who today is the envy of every guy.

Jesse said “it's a really awesome job, one of the best jobs I’ve ever had.”

Unfortunately, the ad ranked dead last on the USA Today Super bowl ad meter.

CNBC’s reporter Julia Boorstin said, “People thought that it was tacky and tasteless. There were a slew of tweets where people said they felt uncomfortable watching the ad with little kids in the room.”

Paul said, “USA Today’s ranking has this commercial dead last. Does that hurt your feelings?

Jesse said, “No, that doesn't hurt my feelings.”

 Most viewers seem to have preferred commercials that tugged on America’s heart strings.

Boorstin said, “I think these ads sort of stuck out from the crowd because they weren't funny, they weren't trying to be humorous and flashy, they were trying to be serious and down to earth.

The sentimental Budweiser spot about the raising of a Clydesdale ranked number one.   

And the moving two-minute spot for Dodge Ram pick-up trucks praising the American farmer also got high marks.  

Humor was still a big part of the night. The Taco Bell commercial featuring hard-partying senior citizens was also a winner.

And the ad for the burger chain, Carl Jr's, may have been the sexiest ad of the night. But most of America didn't see it because it ran only on the West coast.

We caught up with supermodel Nina Agdal, rumored to be featured in the upcoming Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. 

Nina said, “The rumor about me getting the cover is getting me very excited. I’m trying not to thing too much about it because I don’t want to be disappointed.”