Star Power Harnessed For Oscar Nominees Luncheon

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Hollywood's biggest stars for the annual Oscar® lunch where all nominees gather to honor the year in film.

It's the biggest amount of star power in one room for the annual "class photo" of Oscar® nominees.

Front and center was the youngest-ever Best Actress nominee, Quvenzhane Wallis, clapping excitedly as she gets to her seat. She smiled as she sat right underneath Oscar® and next to Best Actor nominee Bradley Cooper, who sat beside a beaming Naomi Watts.

In row three was Hugh Jackman, right next to Jessica Chastain.

And in the back row was Ben Affleck, Denzel Washington and Jennifer Lawrence, who was wearing a beautiful strapless white gown.

Later that night, Jennifer Lawrence changed into a sparkly low-cut sequinned gown.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with her and some of her fellow nominees like Naomi Watts at a big celebration held by The Hollywood Reporter.

Jessica Chastain says posing for the class photo was like high school graduation.

"I'm sitting there going I'm standing next to Hugh Jackman and we're taking a class photo. It was incredible," said Chastain.