Jodi Arias Testifies She Killed Her Ex-Boyfriend

Jodi Arias delivered riveting testimony in court, stating that she killed her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

It's a dramatic courtroom confession by Jodi Arias, on trial for murdering her boyfriend because he wanted to break up with her.

The prosecution asked, "Did you kill Travis Alexander?"
Jodi replied, "Yes I did."
The prosecution asked, "Why?"
Jodi replied, "The simple answer is that he attacked me."

It was the first time she has publicly admitted to stabbing her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, 27 times in a bloody frenzy.  

The jurors are riveted to the testimony, says Beth Karas, who is covering the trial for TV's, In Session.
Karas said, "Jodi Arias is a good witness. She's a little nervous on the stand, but that's understandable. She's soft spoken. She's extremely articulate. She's making eye contact with the jury. She looks frail up there. She's wearing her glasses and her hair pinned back like a school girl."

Jodi's voice cracked with emotion as she claimed she had been regularly beaten by her mother from the age of 7 with a wooden spoon.  

Jodi said, "My mom began to carry a wooden spoon in her purse."

Her mother, Sandy, looked on as Jodi Arias told her story. She was even wearing a necklace saying, "mom".

The prosecution asked, "She hit you hard?"
Jodi replied, "It felt pretty hard. It left welts."
The prosecution asked, "It left welts on your body?"
Jodi replied, "Yes."

ABC News legal analyst, Dan Abrams, said, "Jodi makes a great witness." But that prompted a fierce exchange with Nancy Grace.

Nancy said, "Dan! Dan! You're falling under her spell."
Dan said, "I am. I am."
Nancy said, "She got to you! The Jodi Arias mojo has gotten you."
Dan said, "She did. I am I could have been her next victim."