No Relation, But Look-a-like Similarities Are Surprising

They say everyone has a twin somewhere in the world, and INSIDE EDITION found some look-a-likes who have people doing a double take.

They say everyone has someone who looks just like them.

Aujie Smith met Crystal Garcia when she walked into the clothing store where Crystal worked. They're not related — they are friends who just happen to look like each other.

Aujie said, "She was helping me out find a dress and I just kept staring at her."

"I was like, 'Why was this girl staring at me?'" Crystal replied.

Francisco Costela and Josh Corrigan both worked as medical researchers at the same company. They even wore the same scrubs everyday. Everyone else noticed the uncanny resemblance, but get the two didn't really see it.

Josh said, "I didn't really notice that I looked like him."

Jasmine Tanski and Maddy Lees are both students at the University of Southern California. They got double takes when they're out together. They met each other on campus.

Jasmine said, "School starts and I get to this program I was supposed to go to for the honors program that I'm in, and Maddy's working the check-in desk. And I was like, I think that's my twin!"

They were all getting their picture taken for a new book by photographer Francois Brunelle.

He's been fascinated with the human face since he started out as a photographer at the age of 18, and he's spent years searching the world for lookalikes for his book.

"I'm still looking for lookalikes!" Brunelle said.

He found people who look like they could be identical twins all over the country, from Charlotte, North Carolina to Dallas, Texas, where he came across Jill Waterston and Katherine Treadaway.

"Double the pleasure, double the fun!" the two joked.

They met in high school. As they grew into adults, they stayed in touch, and developed a lifelong friendship.

"People ask if we're sisters," Waterston said. "I think, actually, we get along better than sister. I don't think we ever argue about anything."

Looks like it's true, everyone really does have a lookalike. You never know when you might meet someone who looks just like you!