Grandparents of Boy Abandoned in St. Patrick's Seek Custody

3-year-old Nathaniel Fons was driven from Florida to New York and dropped off in St. Patrick's Cathedral by the couple who took him in when his mom went to prison. Now his grandparents are trying to get custody of the little boy, who is currently u

He's the adorable little boy who was abandoned at America's most famous church, St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City.

Now the grandparents of 3-year-old Nathaniel Fons are desperately trying to get him back.

"We need him back with us. He needs to be with people who love him," says Frieda Fons.

INSIDE EDITION has been with Frieda and her husband Don Fons every step of the way since they arrived in New York City to be reunited with Nathaniel. They want custody of their grandson so they can bring him home to Florida.

Nathaniel has been in the care of child welfare services ever since he was abandoned inside St. Patrick's with a note in his hand.

"Going to St. Patrick's, all I can think of is that little boy being dropped off in that place and left alone," says Frieda tearfully.

Nathaniel's grandparents made an emotional visit St. Patrick's to see the imposing cathedral for themselves.
The drama started when Nathaniel's mother Erin was arrested on counterfeiting charges in Florida, where his father is already in prison. Police say a couple, friends of Nathaniel's mom, took the little boy in, but then drove over a thousand miles to New York City, where they ditched him at the cathedral.

His mom said in a phone interview from jail, "I want my son safe. People make mistakes. That doesn't mean that they are a mistake."

Nathaniel's grandparents were allowed to visit him, and brought him a stuffed animal.

A judge has ruled the little boy will be returned to Florida, but won't be released into the grandparents' care until a thorough investigation can be completed.  

"[We're] sad, we want to take him home," Frieda tells INSIDE EDITION.

The loving grandparents are grateful Nathaniel was left safely at St. Patrick's, but say his journey isn't over.

"He needs to be home. Where we can love him," Don says.

It's not clear when a final decision on the boy's fate will be made.