Laura Bush Publishes Memoir

Former First Lady Laura Bush has written a memoir, titled Spoken from the Heart. In it she makes a surprising claim: she and the President, as well as staff members, may have been poisoned at the G8 summit in 2007. INSIDE EDITION reports.

It's like a plot out of a Hollywood movie: The President and First Lady poisoned during an overseas summit!  

Former First Lady Laura Bush says it may really have happened.

In her memoir Spoken from the Heart, published May 3rd, Laura says she and President Bush may have been poisoned during the G8 Summit in Germany in 2007.

At the time, the White House played down the illness. But Laura says her husband was so sick he was bedridden during part of the trip.

Former secret service agent Chris Falkenberg finds it impossible to believe the President and First Lady were poisoned: "It's much easier for me to imagine that they succumbed to a virus then that someone penetrated the security steps and was actually able to introduce a certain toxic element," he says.
Laura writes the mysterious incident remains just that. "We never learned if any other delegations became ill or if ours, mysteriously, was the only one."

The former First Lady also writes for the first time about the tragic fatal car crash when she was 17. She ran a stop sign and collided with another car, which was being driven by her boyfriend, Michael Douglas. He was killed instantly.

"The car door must have been flung open by the impact and my body rose in the air until gravity took over and I was pulled hard and fast back to earth. The whole time I was praying that the person in the other car was alive."

She says the trauma stayed with her for decades: "I lost my faith that November. Lost it for many, many years. It was the first time that I had prayed to God for something, begged Him for something. And it was as if no one heard. My begging had made no difference."