Northeast Braces For Winter Storm Nemo

Forecasters are predicting a winter storm of epic proportions as residents from Boston and New York prepare for another fierce show from mother nature. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

The TV airwaves are buzzing as the Northeast braces for what could be the blizzard of the century.

The monster weather event is wreaking havoc with travel all across the country. Even the Grammy awards, which take place 3,000 miles away in Los Angeles are feeling the impact.

Toni Braxton was on Anderson Cooper’s talk show and said, "They cancelled my flight, yesterday."

Toni Braxton’s flight was one of the 3,000 flights that were canceled in anticipation of the storm.

At Fashion Week in New York, plows worked the plaza at Lincoln Center, where TV’s Project Runway was shooting its final fashion show.

We caught up with host Heidi Klum. Klum said, “I feel really bad for fashion designers when their clothes do not arrive. Some of the pieces are made in Europe and if they don’t make it, they can’t show.”

Even a big blizzard isn't stopping fans of Justin Beiber from camping out at Rockefeller center, hoping to catch a glimpse of the star, who hosts this week's Saturday Night Live.

One fan camping out to see Beiber said, “I’m going to stay here no matter what. I’m going to be covered in snow but it doesn’t even matter.”

The blizzard is being dubbed, of all things, "Nemo."

So the feisty little fish that made Finding Nemo a kids' classic, is now the storm of the century?

Jimmy Kimmel said, "Is naming it after a beloved cartoon character the best way to keep kids from going out in the storm?"

Nemo is turning everyone into amateur meteorologists.

Across the Northeast, people are stockpiling supplies. Many store shelves are already wiped out.

Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert also made mischief with the massive blizzard, joking about the things needed in order to over come the storm; a shovel, snow salt, and liquor.