Butt Gate - Did David Beckham Use a Butt Double?

Soccer's sexy superstar is turning heads in a new underwear commercial, but this time it's over the question of using a butt double for those rear end shots. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

It's a given that any ad showing hunky David Beckham running around in his underwear would be closely watched.

But a few eagle-eyed viewers have noticed something strange about a new commercial for H&M underwear that has some asking, 'Is that a body double?'

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asked forensic video analyst Connor McCort, "Can you tell a body double is being used?"

"My experience says, yes. You take a look at this guy's hand, he's the body double in question, and we see a similarity in the tattos, but they're not exactly the same," said McCort.

The man believed to be the double can be observed in photos taken from the set. It certainly looked as if his hair has been cut like Beckham's.

H&M initially said it had "no comment." But as questions were raised on the internet, an H&M issued this new statement:

"David was very involved in the [ad] including doing most of his stunts. Due to his tight schedule a body double was used in smaller parts of the video."

As for Beckham, a fan tweeted: "Hey David, did you do all your stunts?"

Beckham responded that he did "most" of his stunts.

Body double or not, H&M with Beckham front and center is still expecting brisk business in its underwear department.