Faith Hill Is Latest Celebrity To Get Braces

You're never too old to need braces, as Faith Hill and other celebs can attest. INSIDE EDITION reports on the reasons some adults need to get braces.

They're the braces everybody's talking about. Singer Faith Hill flashed braces on her teeth at the Grammy Awards alongside husband, Tim McGraw.

The 45-year-old Hill spoke about having adult braces in a recent interview with radio station KNIX.

"I'm getting used to them. I didn't wear my retainer. Kids, wear your retainer. I had braces as a kid. But it's not too bad," said Hill.

Hill isn't the first celebrity to wear braces. Tom Cruise fixed his crooked teeth when he was 39. And singer Gwen Stefani wore stainless steel braces in the late 1990's.

We spoke to cosmetic dentist Dr. Jennifer Jablow who says braces like Faith Hill's aren't just for kids.

Dr. Jablow said, "Faith Hill is so brave for deciding to wear traditional braces. As we age, our mouth changes. Our teeth shift, they crowd, and it's important for people to fix that."

Fixed braces come in either metal or clear ceramic. Another option is Invisalign, consisting of clear, removable aligners.

Jablow said, "She might have not been a candidate for those removable braces, the Invialign, which is what I treat most of my patients with. So she decided that her health is more important than what everybody else thinks. And bravo to her!:"

So if you're a grown-up and thinking of braces, go for it. Even Faith Hill isn't afraid to show them off.