Shooting Victim Hadiya Pendleton's Anti-Gang Video Comes To Light

After being gunned down by suspected gang members in Chicago, video has surfaced of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton warning kids about gang violence. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Gone before her time.

The first video surfaces of Hadiya Pendleton, the beautiful 15-year-old who performed with her high school band at President Obama's Inauguration last month, only to die the innocent victim of what authorities say was a gang shooting one week later.

The video of a beaming Hadiya Pendleton was shot just six months ago. She and two friends wear the uniform of their school majorettes, called Crystal Elegance.

The video has been posted on YouTube by grieving friends who wanted to pay tribute to Pendleton's bubbly personality and delightful smile.

In 2009, when she was a sixth-grader, she and a friend actually made a video warning youngsters about gang violence.

In the video, Pendleton said, "My name is Hadiya. The commercial is informational for you and your future children. So many children are fearing gangs, and it's your job as students to say 'no' to gangs and 'yes' to a great future."

First Lady Michelle Obama was one of the mourners at Pendleton's tear-soaked funeral in Chicago over the weekend.

Two suspects have been charged with murder in Pendleton's death. Cops say they mistook her for a rival gang member.

Pendleton's mother, father and brother attended a hearing on gun violence on Capitol Hill, Tuesday. Pendleton's brother held an iPad with her photo. A touching tribute to the young woman with the beautiful smile.