Chris Dorner Hides In Plain Sight During Manhunt

How did Christopher Dorner hide in plain sight from a massive manhunt? INSIDE EDITION reports on the dramatic details of Dorner's final days.

He was hiding in plain sight all along. 

Before roque ex-cop Christopher Dorner got into a dramatic shootout with police, he was holed up right under the noses of cops in a condo in Big Bear, California.

Incredibly, Dorner's hideout was right across from the command post set up for the army of police conducting the largest manhunt in California history. He could simply look out the window and watch what they were doing day and night.  

Police tape now surrounds the two-story condo building where Dorner was hiding out in unit number 203. There was a screen that had been removed from a rear window.

Residents could not believe Dorner was hiding right in their midst.

"He was right there under their nose," one resident said.

Heavily armed police had already searched house-to-house around Big Bear looking for Dorner. But, the search had shifted over the weekend 150 miles away to the Mexican border, where Dorner was believed to have fled.

Dorner was finally discovered by a mother-daughter cleaning crew who entered the Big Bear condo thinking it was empty. To their shock, America's most wanted fugitive was inside.

He tied them up and stole their car, and eventually fled to the rustic Seven Oaks Mountain Cabins outside of Big Bear. 

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Eric Funnel and his sister Leah, whose parents own the cabin where Dorner broke in to make his last stand.

"You feel pretty alone out there because there is not much around. The nearest neighbor my mom said is a mile," Eric said.

Their one-story, vacation rental cabin included a built-in dining nook and a simple kitchen. Imagine their shock when the two see their cabin on fire on live TV.

"I got a text from my mom saying, 'Dorner's at the cabin. Fire fight," he said.

Shadow Falls, a movie about a serial killer, was filmed among the same cabins where Dorner fled.

"I was shocked. I thought he would have been long gone," Leah said.