Chaz Bono Reveals Drastic Weight Loss

After years of struggling with weight, Chaz Bono is revealing his dramatic weight loss. INSIDE EDITION  has the details.

Chaz Bono has revealed his dramatic weight loss. Just three months ago, the 5'5" Chaz topped the scales at 250 pounds. Now, he's 43 pounds lighter.

That's losing his entire age in weight since he is 43-years-old.

"I feel great, I'm really good. I'm kind of not used to everything yet," he said.

The only child of Sonny and Cher and Dancing with the Stars' first transgender contestant shows off his new self on The Doctors, airing next Wednesday.

INSIDE EDITION sat down with host Dr. Travis Stork to discuss the drastic weight loss.

He said, "He was doing martial arts, he was dancing, and he was having help with his nutrition. But it was the simple things, like portion control, that really got him going and doing activities that he loves."

Chaz still wants to lose an additional 50 pounds before he reaches his goal.