Senator Marco Rubio's Water Break Causes A Stir

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is the butt of many jokes since taking a drink of water while giving the Republican rebuttle after the president's State of the Union Address. INSIDE EDITION has the story. 

Whoever dreamed that a sip of water would cause such a flood of reaction?

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is being drenched in attention for the way he wet his whistle during his rebuttal to the president's State of the Union Address.

There's a veritable waterfall of wise cracks online.

One person joked, "Rubio was thirsting for fame!"

Another person said, "I blame climate change for Rubio’s unseasonal thirst!"

And of course, "Watergate!"

Rubio's untimely sip was not the only distracting element arising from the State of the Union Address. Everybody's talking about Vice President Joe Biden’s bloodshot left eye. It seems he scratched it with a contact lens earlier this week.

And many who were there were seen checking their smart phones, distracted by news about the shootout between cops and rogue ex-cop Christopher Dorner in California.

As for the dehydrated senator, Fox News’ Steve Doocy joked, "Zero dark thirsty, I saw that referred to."

On Fox and Friends, Rubio played it for laughs by drinking water during a live shot. He did the same thing on Good Morning America. This politician's got a sense of humor and we'll drink to that!