Melrose Place Actress Sentenced After DWI Manslaughter

Actress Amy Locane was handed her sentence in the death of a woman who was killed when Locane was driving while intoxicated, and slammed into her car. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was a moment of pure drama in court as a grieving husband lashed out at the light sentence given to the actress who killed his wife.

Amy Locane is best known for her role on the 90's TV series, Melrose Place.

Now 40, Locane sat listening as the victim's family read heartbreaking impact statements. Fred and Helene Seeman were pulling into the driveway of their New Jersey home in 2010, when a car, driven by Locane, slammed into them. Helene died of her injuries.

Her 26-year-old son, Ford, wore his mother’s favorite dress around his neck and pleaded with the judge to give Locane the maximum sentence.

Ford said in court, "My whole entire life I lived to do one thing, and that was to make my mother proud."

Ford continued and said, "The act of murdering my mother deserves a harsher sentence than unarmed robbery. My mother's necklace was not stolen, her life was."

His father, Fred, whose testimony during the trial last October, also argued for the maximum sentence for the actress who killed his wife of 38 years.

Fred said, "She made me what I am today and to have it taken from me in a blink."

Locane cried during much of the proceedings. Finally, it was her turn to speak and she apologized to the family.

She said, "Please know that the reality that I did cause you such loss haunts me every day.  I have had to live with my girls being abruptly taken away from me. I have never experienced this kind of pain."

The judge said, "I have no sympathy for this defendant."

Despite that, the judge sentenced Locane not to the maximum 10 years, but to three. Saying it's because she has a sick four-year-old daughter with Chrone's disease.

The decision outraged Seeman's husband and son.

Ford screamed, "This is not justice!"

Fred screamed, “Having a sick child doesn't give you a pass to kill my wife! She didn't go home that night. What were you thinking of judge!?"