Connecticut Mother Battles Blizzard To Deliver Baby

A pregnant woman was pulled to the hopsital in a make-shift sled after a blizzard shut down just about every other form or transportation. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A mom about to give birth was pulled in a makeshift sled through three feet of snow by her husband and neighbors so she can get to the hospital.

It happened during the record-breaking blizzard in Connecticut.

Snow plows couldn't reach 42-year-old Lauri Wood's house in Naugatuck when she went into labor.

Things were getting desperate, so her husband, Jim, and the neighbors hatched a plan.

They made a homemade sled out of a car cargo carrier, put Lauri in it, and hauled her through the snow drifts, husky-style.

Jim said, “Dragging that sled, I pretty much thought I was going to die myself.”

Jim told us they pulled Lauri in the sled for forty minutes until reaching the main highway where an ambulance was waiting to rush her to the hospital.

Jim said, “It was so hard to pull, people were almost collapsing. They were falling and slipping.”

And take a look at the result of the amazing snow trek, little James Wood junior, seven pounds, ten ounces. He's Lauri and Jim’s first boy. They also have four daughters. 

Lauri told Good Morning America, “I thought pulling me through the snow was a crazy idea to begin with but obviously it worked.”

Her husband still can't believe how in the middle of a record-breaking blizzard, everyone came together to help his family any way they could.

Jim said, “It’s a great feeling, to see that when you do need help, that there are people there.”