Obama and Tiger Woods Play Golf Together in Florida

President Obama spent the weekend golfing with Tiger Woods and now the White House is coming under fire for not releasing photos of the two together. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

President Obama spent the holiday weekend playing golf with none other than Tiger Woods.

The golf course was the exquisite Floridian Yacht and Golf Club in Palm City, and the president definitely wanted to keep his game with Tiger private.

Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC said, "Did they not permit a picture because it's Tiger Woods, and some people might object to Tiger Woods' controversy of the past?"

The White House Press Corps expressed "extreme frustration" about being prohibited from getting anywhere near the golf course.

It's so chilly in Florida, Kelly Ripa bundled up for LIVE! with Kelly and Michael at Disney World on Monday.  "I can't believe i'm wearing gloves in Orlando," she said.

The audience groaned about the president's golf holiday. Michael Strahan joked, "Hey, I'm just reporting the news, whether you like it or not."

Playing golf with the president is a big step toward rehabilitating Tiger's tarnished image following the disastrous sex scandal that destroyed his image.

On the INSIDE EDITION website, we asked, "Do you have a problem with the President playing golf with Tiger Woods?"

43.5% said "Yes," they see a problem with it, while 56.5% said "No," they see nothing wrong with it.