Teenager Bullied and Called 'Big Bird' Gets Surgery

A teenager was bullied so badly because of the size of her nose, she even decided to be homeschooled. INSIDE EDITION was there as the young woman underwent surgery to fix her nose and her self esteem.

These should be happy days for one high school cheerleader. But she was so self-conscious about the size of her nose, she decided to be homeschooled.

Brayden Young said the taunting that started in elementary school became unbearable in high school. The only thing she sees when she looks in the mirror these days is a misshapen nose.

"I want this bump to go away. I feel like it's really long," she said.

Tortured by the bullying and being called 'Big Bird,' the teen from the Palmdale, California, decided to finish her senior year of high school at home.

Her mom, Victoria, couldn't understand why her some of her classmates would be so mean.

"It's heartbreaking," she said.

Brayden received good news that hopefully would inspire new confidence. Through the Magic Mirror Foundation, she received free plastic surgery to change her nose.

Doctor Burr von Maur explained how he was to change Brayden's appearance.

He said, "We're going to make the bump smoothen out. We're going to make the nose a little bit shorter."

Brayden said, "I'm excited for this big nose to be gone."

Her mom was there to offer comfort, saying, "You are going to be fine. You are perfect. I love you."

Surgery started with the doctor marking where her new profile would be. Then he removed the bump, refined the cartilage and rotated the tip of her nose up. He also added a small chin implant to help balance out her profile.

Surgery was finished in about three hours.

No one will ever call her 'Big Bird' again.