Family Shows Off Mega Long Hair

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the family who set a record for the longest hair in America to find out why they keep their locks so long.

A thick, never ending mane cascades from head to toe on one mother.

It's a curtain of hair long enough for her baby daughter to play peek-a-boo, and when she gets a fistful of mommy's hair, it’s a playful game of tug of war.

Terelynn Russel lives outside Chicago. Her hair measures an incredible 6 feet.

Terelynn said, “I have good DNA for growing hair.”

Terelynn is a raven-haired real life version of the classic children's character Rapunzel.

Her daughters admire their mom's super long hair so much, they all have long locks too. That's fine with their dad, he said, “I love all my girls’ long hair.”

The 43-year-old mom has taught her girls to braid each other's hair.

Terelynn said, “You have to have patience to be in this house with all of this hair.

Terelynn thinks her son is learning a great lesson about girls.

Terelynn said, “He is going to be a great husband. He's going to know how to deal with drama, and how to deal with hair.”

There are rules in the house of hair. Hair up in the kitchen and especially around the stove.

When it comes the washing it, Terelynn said, “It’s a big event.”

Terelynn said, “We go through a lot of shampoo and we go through even more conditioner.”

With hair this long, their brother has a long, long wait. It's quite a process to take care of 6 feet of hair. Terelynn lathers in copious amounts of shampoo, followed by gobs and gobs of conditioner. Then literally wrings it out. Blow drying takes about an hour.

Terelynn said, “I burn up a lot of blow dryers.”

INSIDE EDITION was there for their very first haircut.

Terelynn and her daughter, Kendel, stood together hand in hand for support as the stylists snipped off 12 inches of hair.

Their haircut was all for a worthy cause, the charity Locks of Love. They packaged their locks, then shipped them off.

But there's still plenty to hold onto in their house of hair.