Video Captures Nine Golfers Sinking Simultaneous Putts On Single Hole

The video went viral of nine golfers making nine putts into a single hole. INSIDE EDITION got the golfers together to see if they could do it again.

It's an amazing trick shot that’s been seen around the world. Nine golfers simultaneously make nine putts into a single hole.

The guys behind the incredible trick shot are all seniors at Campbell University in North Carolina and Nathan Mead came up with the idea.

One senior said, “We just kind of shifted as we practiced. If one person wasn’t making one putt, we would just shift them to another spot.”

The trick shot was a competition pitting freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors in the University's golf program against each other to see who could pull it off.

The winning seniors showed INSIDE EDITION how they dug up the hole to make it deeper so nine golf balls would fit.

So we had to ask, could they make the shot again?

They made seven unsuccessful attempts for us as rain fell.

But they’ll always have that amazing video of their amazing moment. 

And speaking of golf, David Letterman couldn't resist poking fun at this situation. On his show, Letterman showed how President Obama’s recent golfing trip to Florida with Tiger Woods was similar to this epic simultaneous putt.

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