Grisly Audio Tapes of Justin Bieber Murder Plot Surface

An alleged murder plot to kill Justin Bieber was foiled, and just-released audio tapes reveal the gruesome details. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Chilling, just-released audio tapes of an alleged plot to kidnap and murder teen idol Justin Bieber have just surfaced.

Police say prison inmate, Dana Martin, now doing time for the rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl, was the mastermind behind the bizarre plot. 

On the tapes, accused suspect #1 said, "I'm all caught up in Bieber-fever. Did he go over the Bieber thing with you?"

Accused #2: "I like to know as little as possible."

Martin was so obsessed with Bieber, he even had a tattoo of the pop star on his leg.  

Martin said: "It says Justin Bieber. It says "Never say Never" and it says Feruary 11, 2011 and it has a portrait of Bieber on the back of my calf."

Martin was recorded in phone conversations with the two men he allegedly recruited as hitmen.

Cops say they were supposed to kidnap Bieber and his bodyguard after a concert at New York City's Madison Square Garden last November, and kill them both. But not before castrating them with a pair of hedge clippers.   

One of the alleged accomplices said on the tapes: "We bought some hedge clippers. We're gonna get down and dirty."

Also on the grisly audio tapes, Dana Martin even describes how he wants Bieber strangled with a paisley necktie.

Martin said, "Tie it really tight and that cuts off the oxygen and then tie it in the back again, really tight.  That seals the deal."