Soldier Dad Witnesses Birth of Son Via Skype

Thanks to technology, a mom was able to have her soldier husband's support in the room during the birth of their son. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It's the day every father-to-be dreams of — the birth of his first son.

But, one soldier dad is witnessing the magical moment from 8,000 miles away.  

Specialist Paul Gibbs, now deployed in Afghanistan, was coaching his wife through seven hours of labor via Skype.

It's been a hard nine months for Katy Gibbs. She found out she was pregnant just one week after Paul left Utah for overseas duty.

Katy joked, "Way to knock me up and leave the country!"

But they both knew, war or no war, he had to be in the delivery room for the birth.

"It would of course have been ideal to have him in the actual room, but it was so great to be able hear his voice and have him talk me through it, and know that I was not alone," she said.

One of the nurses held up the computer so Dad could witness the very moment his healthy baby boy came into the world.

Little Everett Joseph Gibbs perked up when he heard his father's voice for the first time. 

Then it was time to pose for a family photo — with newborn son in hand and new dad right there on the computer.

The new daddy, who is part of the Utah National Guard, is due back home in April.

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