Letterman Visits Regis and Kelly

David Letterman made a rare daytime TV appearance on Live With Regis and Kelly. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop on what he had to say about the late night wars and his life at home.  

David Letterman makes a rare appearance on daytime TV, visiting his good buddy Regis Philbin.

The Late Show host was back to impersonating his nemesis Jay Leno as he spoke out on the nasty late night wars, saying, "Well look, Conan and I both got screwed."

Letterman went on referring to Leno and said, "Wait a minute. How did you both get screwed? He got canceled. You got the show. How did you both get screwed?"

"I found it wildly entertaining," said Letterman.

Conan O'Brien is also speaking out about Jay Leno for the first time since leaving NBC.

"He went and took that show back," Conan tells 60 Minutes in an interview airing Sunday.

"I think in a similar situation, if the roles had been reversed, I wouldn't have done that," said O'Brien.

And only Regis could get his pal to open up about life at home after that notorious extortion scandal, asking, "How's everything at home?"

"I dont know if people know, but I've had some trouble," said Letterman, to a big laugh from the audience.

The funnyman put jokes aside explaining how he and wife Regina have been working things out.

"If you behave recklessly and it hurts your family, well then then it hurts you. We're putting it back together to see what it's going to look like. Is it viable and is it going to be  something satisfying and fulfilling," said Letterman.