Jodi Arias Describes How She Killed Her Boyfriend

Jodi Arias testified in court, giving details of the moment she killed her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Jodi Arias finally described the moment she killed her boyfriend.

“The gun went off. I didn't mean to shoot him. I didn't even think I was pulling the trigger. I just pointed it at him,” she said in court.

33-year-old Arias sobbed as she claimed she shot motivational speaker Travis Alexander in self-defense, but she said she cannot remember stabbing him 27 times or slashing his throat.

She said, “There's a lot of that day I don't remember. There are a lot of gaps.”
She testified that Travis Alexander flew into a rage and attacked her after she dropped his camera during a sexy photo shoot in the shower.

She said, “He was chasing me and he was pissed off.”

She said she ran into a closet and grabbed his gun to defend herself.

Arias said, “I grabbed the gun. I ran out of the closet he was chasing me. I turned around, we were in the middle of the bathroom, I pointed it at him with both of my hands. As he was lunging at me, the gun went off.”

She sobbed as she told the jury she still loves him.

She was asked, "Do you still love him now?"

Arias replied, "Yeah it is a different love, but I guess I do."