Photo of 60-Year-Old Muscle Man Goes Viral

He's 60 years old and a picture of his chisled body has gone viral, leaving everyone to wonder if age really is just a number. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It's the photo that's sweeping the nation.

An older gentleman with grey hair and a long grey beard, and the body of a Chippendale's dancer.

The photo has been viewed a million times so far. He posted it with this simple, yet amazing fact: "60-years-old."

He's not the only aging 'Wonder Dude' out there. Bodybuilder Jim Morris and Doctor Jeffrey Life both work hard to keep their youthful looks.

Dr. Life exercises and eats healthy, but he also takes testosterone shots and human growth hormones to keep looking young.

"I'm 73, and I really feel like I'm in my 30's," Dr. Life said.

As for this 60-year-old hunk. If he wanted attention — mission accomplished.