Dentist Admonishes Jessica Simpson on Oral Hygiene

INSIDE EDITION speaks to Jessica Simpson's dentist about her surprising confession that she doesn't brush her teeth every day.

Jessica Simpson grosses out America, telling Ellen DeGeneres that her dental hygiene is kind of lacking.

"You don't brush your teeth?" asked Ellen.

"Well, um, not all the time. Maybe three times a week. I don't brush them everyday. I'll just, I'll use a shirt or something," said Simpson.

So INSIDE EDITION wanted to know what Jessica's dentist had to say about this. He's Dr. Bill Dorfman of Beverly Hills.

"As her dentist, I was totally blown away," said Dr. Dorfman.

He continued, "I couldn't believe it when she told Ellen she doesn't brush her teeth but what? Three times a week!"

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asked, "Why on earth doesn't Jessica Simpson brush her teeth?"

Dr. Dorfman said, "You know, I have no idea."

He says, he taught Jessica good oral hygiene and is mortified she doesn't brush as regularly as she should.

Simpson said, "I do use Listerine and I do floss everyday."

Dr. Dorfman said, "She said, 'Doc, do I really need to floss my teeth?' I said, Jessica make sure you floss the ones you want to keep."

"So you don't like to brush them?" asked DeGeneres.

"I really don't. They are just too slippery," said Simpson.

McInerney asked Dr. Dorfman, "What do you have to say to Jessica Simpson?"

Dr. Dorfman said, "One word, brush!"