Joe Biden's Shotgun Advice Doesn't Click With Young Mom

The woman who was advised by Joe Biden to buy a shotgun tells INSIDE EDITION why she thinks his advice is impractical.

“Buy a shotgun, buy a shotgun,” that was Vice President Joe Biden’s headline grabbing advice to a Parent’s magazine reader during a live on-line forum.

Now, that advice has backfired.

Biden was skeptical that a question about gun control would come from a Parent’s magazine reader.

Biden was asked, “Do you believe that banning certain weapon and high capacity magazines will mean that law abiding citizens will become more of a target to criminals as we will have no way to sufficiently protect ourselves?”

Biden replied, “Is this Parent’s magazine? I have Parent’s magazine in my home. I’ve never heard of anybody in Parent’s magazine ask these kind of questions.”

INSIDE EDITION tracked her down.

Kate Ernest is a 24-year-old mother of an infant daughter, and the momma grizzly from Scottsdale, Arizona, is loaded for bear.

Ernest said, “It was nice to have my voice heard but at the same time it was almost like laughed at. I keep a 9mm glock. I have a 33-round clip and if you look right through here, I have a round in the chamber.”

She also has an AR-15 military style assault rifle and a shiny old west-style colt revolver.

She's not impressed with Biden’s suggestion that she buy a shotgun.

Biden said, “Kate, if you want to protect yourself, get a double-barreled shotgun.”

Ernest said, “It just seems very unrealistic to have a shotgun in the house. They're big, they're heavy, and they’re hard to load. For a woman there's a lot of recoil.”

She also scoffed at Biden’s advice to his wife, Jill.

Biden said, “I said Jill, if there is ever a problem, walk out on the balcony, point that double barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house.”

Ernest said, “He's asking her to go outside and fire two rounds of a double barreled shotgun that only hold two rounds so once she fired that she's just an open target.”

Instead, she is holding on to that loaded pistol and she says she's ready to use it.

She said, “It's good to have a way to protect yourself rather than just being a sitting duck.