Some Say Oscar Pistorius Bail Hearing Mirrors OJ Trial

Oscar Pistorius was granted bail and some are comparing the high-profile athlete's case to the O.J. Simpson trial. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Is the Blade Runner the new O.J.?

It's a comparison being made around the world today as Oscar Pistorius is released on bail.

News reports are pointing out the striking similarities between the Olympic runner and the notorious running back.

"Star Athletes, Sensational Killings" reads the headline in USA Today.

NBC correspondent Michelle Kosinski is in Pretoria, South Africa. INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney asked Kosinski, "How are people comparing the two cases?"

"In so many ways now, especially after this ruling today. First, you have the well-known, well-loved hero of an athlete. Then, you have hundreds of journalists from around the world pushing and shoving to make their way into that tiny courtroom."

Here's how the cases stack up. The victims: Nicole Brown Simpson and Reeva Steenkamp—both stunning blondes—both allegedly killed in a fit of jealous rage.

And just like the O.J. trial, the Pistorius case even has a bungling detective. O.J. had Mark Fuhrman; the Blade Runner has Hilton Botha. He's been accused of contaminating the crime scene and is now facing his own trial for attempted murder.

New York Daily News columnist Mike Lupica makes this prediction about the Blade Runner:

"Celebrity will win in this case the way it won in O.J.'s. You can see already that Pistorius is going to beat this rap the way Simpson did."

For Kim Goldman, the sister of Ron Goldman who was murdered with Nicole Brown Simpson, the Pistorius circus is a case of deja vu.

Kim told INSIDE EDITION, "When there is such media focus and media attention and scrutiny, every move you make is now under a very watchful eye. And that makes it difficult to grieve. It makes it difficult to process. It makes it difficult to do your job."

Pistorius has denied the charges against him.