NASCAR Crash Ignites Safety Discussion

A horrifying crash at NASCAR has some asking if spectator sports are too dangerous. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The fiery crash at NASCAR that left 28 injured has many wondering whether some spectator sports are safe.

The smashup sent pieces of debris flying into the stands. A video was shot by a 16-year-old spectator.

The teenager called in to ESPN and said, "I remember hearing screams and I heard one fan yell, 'where's my child?' and that's what really hit me really hard."

A tire went flying into the crowd, badly injuring a spectator.

It's the latest proof that danger can lurk in an instant at big outdoor events.

Ten people died when a stunt plane crashed into the stands at an air show in Reno. During an off-road race in the Mojave Desert, a truck plowed into the crowd. The awful aftermath was visible after the crash, the car upside down and spectators pinned underneath. Eight people died in the horrific 2010 accident. A speedboat roared out of a lake in Ohio and injured 23 people. A woman was killed when a souped-up car crashed through the safety barrier at a racetrack in Virginia.

Even the so-called sport of kings can on rare occasions be perilous. A racehorse went wild and trampled a stroller. Miraculously the baby in it was not hurt.

Now, this latest pileup has many people thinking twice before they head into the stands.