Runaway Mom's Boyfriend Talks to INSIDE EDITION

Tre Hutcherson, the boyfriend of runaway mom Tiffany Tehan, is talking to INSIDE EDITION about their secret relationship and why they decided to run away and leave everything behind.

Runaway mom Tiffany Tehan and Tre Hutcherson, the man who helped fake her abduction and leave everything behind, sat down together to talk to INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd.

Tehan says she was desperately unhappy before meeting Hutcherson at a Dayton, Ohio convenience store last August.

"Tiffany is a perfect person I have always described her as my angel," says Hutcherson. "When I see her I see a person that I want to be with for the rest of my life, and someone I want to take care of in any way I can."

"A lot of people look at you as the bad guy in all of this. What do you have to say for yourself?" asks Boyd.

"I never had any intention of manipulating Tiffany in any way. I have the greatest respect for her and she is a very smart person and she can make her own decisions," he says.

Hutcherson traded in his cherry red Volkswagen for a nondescript silver Chrysler and drove Tiffany's truck to a secluded park where he punctured the front tire with a nail.

"You didn't just staged her abduction," points out Boyd

"We wanted to leave it like she could have been in the position where she just walked away from her life or maybe someone could speculate that's she was abducted," says Hutcherson. "I never thought in my life that I would lose my rationale to do something like this."

While they were hiding out in Florida they hit the beach. Five days after they abandoned their families, authorities caught up with them as they were returning to a hotel in Miami Beach.

"We were swarmed by the FBI and Miami Police and five cars pulled us over and took us out of the car and that was the end of it and I felt at that point a great sense of relief because it was over," Hutcherson tells Boyd.

The couple was detained and questioned, and then Tehan was given the opportunity to call her parents.

"I just talked to them briefly and I told them how sorry I was and they of course told me they loved me and forgave me," says Tehan.

"Did that surprise you?" asks Boyd.

"Yeah, I mean I know my parents love me...but I didn't think I know how much until I made that phone call," she says.

Two days later Tehan was reunited with her one year-old daughter Alexis in Ohio.

"What did that mean to you to hold your daughter again?" asks Boyd.

Tehan says, "It was like the best feeling in the world to have her in my arms, I missed her."

"But that doesn't take away from what you did," Boyd points out.

"Right, it doesn't," admits Tehan.

So, does the runaway couple have a future together? Is their romance for real?
"If I could make one wish I would wish to be Tiffany and married for the rest of my life to her," Hutcherson says.

"What do you think when you hear that Tiffany?"

"I know that Tre cares for me very much. He listens to me and he's so funny and makes me laugh and I know that he wants to take care of me and it's just, it's awesome."

For now, Tehan is living with her parents. Hutcherson and his wife have taken steps toward divorce.