Kate Gosselin Appears On Celebrity Wife Swap

In her latest reality TV venture, Kate Gosselin swaps places with Playboy covergirl Kendra Wilkinson. INSIDE EDITION talks to the mother of eight about her latest adventure.

Kate Gosselin's getting a break from all those kids.

The mother of eight appears on the new season of Celebrity Wife Swap, trading places with former Playboy cover girl, Kendra Wilkinson.

Kate moved into the beautiful Los Angeles home that Kendra lived in with her husband, former NFL star Hank Baskett, and their four-year-old son.

Meanwhile, Kendra moved to Pennsylvania to handle Kate’s boisterous brood. Those famous sextuplets now aged eight, and the 12-year-old twins.

INSIDE EDITION’s own, Paul Boyd caught up with Kate Gosselin.

Kate said, “There's a lot of noise, a lot of laundry, and a lot of feeding, and a lot of homework, and a lot of – just a lot.”

Paul asked, “How are you keeping yourself in such great shape nowadays?”

Kate said, “Just running, eating healthy, and running myself crazy.”

Paul asked, “Eight children versus one child. How was that adjustment?

Kate said, “Well, clearly it was gong to be easier for me on my end than Kendra on hers, but I was concerned that I would be bored.”

Paul asked, “How does the life of a former Playboy playmate compare to the life that Kendra lives?”

Kate said, “She’s just like me ten years ago – young and free and spontaneous. When I got home, it was like, we love Kendra.”

With her marriage to Jon Gosselin a distant memory, INSIDE EDITION had to ask Kate about her love-life these days.

Kate said, “My kids really want that man figure there having spent a week with Hank, it was sort of like, oh yeah, this would be really nice.”