Party Princess Karlie Tomica Charged With DUI Manslaughter, Widow Says She's Waiting For Apology

Self-proclaimed "Party Princess" Karlie Tomica has been charged with DUI manslaughter. INSIDE EDITION talks to the widow of the man Tomica is charged with killing.

Tears stream down the pretty face of a 20-year-old girl as she faces the worst jam of her life. Her father and mother hold each hand as she's charged with killing a well-known chef in a horrific hit-and-run accident.

"It's not just driving drunk. It's not just speeding. It's hitting a human being and not caring," said the prosecuting attorney.

The heartwrenching scenes are a far cry from how self-described "party princess", Karlie Tomica portrayed herself on her Twitter profile.

The tragedy unfolded in Miami's party capital, South Beach. Karlie tweeted she was celebrating the end of college midterms with margaritas and spinach dip.  

Driving home after the night of partying, Karlie allegedly struck and killed chef Stefano Riccioletti, a father of three.

Riccioletti was hit at the corner of 18th and Collins Avenue in the heart of Miami Beach. Police say his body flew about 30 feet and landed in a driveway. They also allege Karlie Tomica then drove 30 blocks down the road without stopping.

She might never have been caught, but for a quick-thinking eyewitness who gave chase and called 911.

Eyewitness: "I'm following that lady right now."

Dispatcher: "You're following the subject?"

Eyewitness: "Yes. I'm following her. Yes."

Dispatcher: "Where is the female? She's the driver, right?"

Eyewitness: "She's the driver and she just stepped out of the car. She's really drunk."

The "party princess" was arrested at her boyfriend's luxury condo. Police say she had three times the legal limit of alcohol in her blood.

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent spoke with the widow of the slain chef. She sat just a few feet away from the "party princess" in court and she says she had hoped for some kind of apology.

"Stefano was always a Superman. You never thought anything could ever happen to him," said Mrs. Riccioletti. "She didn't take one second to apologize, just to say 'I'm sorry.' She never really came forward and accepted the responsibility."

Karlie Tomica was released on $77,000 bail, but she was soon running away again—this time from TV cameras.

The victim's family is represented by Jose Baez, who gained fame defending Casey Anthony. He's suing Nikki Beach, where Karlie worked and allegedly got drunk. 

Baez told INSIDE EDITION, "They need to put measures in place to ensure that this kind of thing never, ever happens again."

Now, this "party princess" could face 15 years behind bars if she's found guilty.

The bar where Tomica worked said in a statement, their thoughts and prayers are with the victim's family. Adding that Tomica signed documents stating she would adhere to the strict policies to which all employees must agree.