How To Use Those Last Drops Of Your Products

Studies show consumers waste more product than they realize. INSIDE EDITION has tips on how you can get all of your products out of those tubes and bottles.

We've all done it — struggled to get the last drop out of a toothpaste tube.

Sascha de Gersdorff, of Women's Health magazine, showed INSIDE EDITION how to get the last drop out of everything.

"It's actually pretty amazing just how much we waste when our bottles, jars, and cans get almost empty," she said.

You can do it with hair conditioner, toothpaste, skin cream, anything that comes in a tube. Cut the top of the tube to get the product you otherwise would not have seen.

Sascha said, "It's going to dry out if I just leave it like this. So what I want to do is use something simple like a laundry clip or a chip bag clip and fold it over and seal that nice and tight."

Consumer Reports did a study of just how much product is left over in common items we all use, and the money we waste is staggering.

As much as 16% laundry detergent is thrown away in the bottle, up to 15% of condiments like ketchup and mustard, and as much as 25% of skin lotion is tossed out.

Here's how to get the most out of any bottle, like laundry detergent.

"Laundry detergent is expensive, so you do really want to get the last bit out of this one. What you want to do is take a knife and poke a hole in the bottom of the laundry detergent bottle, flip it over,'s sort of slowly seeping out. Give it a little squeeze," she said.

And those jars of mayonnaise and peanut butter may look empty, but there's still plenty in there.

"Invest in a couple of spatulas. Now, they're not just for baking. You can get in there and you can really get a lot out," she said.

Melissa Cohen and her five-year-old son, Ryan, tried out some of those money saving tips at their apartment in New York City.

Melissa realized she's not only been wasting a lot of toothpaste, but also, a lot of makeup.

When Cohen's lipstick runs low, she admits that she usually throws it out, but now says, "I've learned that if I get a makeup brush, I can just put it on the lipstick and keep on using it."