'Hatha-haters' Fire Back at Anne Hathaway

A last-minute wardrobe change ruffled the feathers of one fashion house, causing the Best Supporting Actress to issue an apology. Meanwhile, the "Hatha-haters" are at it again. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Everyone is talking about the so-called 'Hatha-haters,' people who rolled their eyes at Anne Hathaway's gushing acceptance speeches throughout awards season.

Willie Geist from the Today show said, "'Hatha-haters' are these sort of snarky people who view her as not self-deprecating enough."

US Weekly reported that Hathaway actually worked on her speech to make herself more likeable.

After her win, regarding the mean-spirited 'Hatha-haters,' she said, "It does get to me."